Annex (1): Table of PLO's Armed Operations against Israel (September 1967- December 1985) 1

Date of Operation




19 September

A bomb exploded at the Fast Hotel in the Old City of Jerusalem injuring several people and destroying a printing press and some apartments. Fatah claimed responsibility and called to an "armed popular revolution".



23 July

Palestinian guerillas hijacked El 'Al plane flying from Rome to Tel Aviv and forced the crew to land in Algeria. The Algerian government, after one week, freed all the hostages.

26 December

Two Palestinians attacked El 'Al plane with machine guns in Athens.



29 August

Guerillas from the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) hijacked a TWA plane en route from Athens to Tel Aviv, destroying the plane after removing the passengers. Layla Khaled was the female guerilla among her partners that played a major role in the operation. Layla, who became a symbol of the Palestinian resistance movement, was arrested at Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom during the 6th of September 1970 event.



13 February

The PFLP-GC (Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine- General Committee) guerillas exploded a Swissair plane flying to Tel Aviv, killing 47, including 17 Israelis.


PFLP-GC attacked an Israeli school bus from Avimim, killing 12 people, Israel responded by launching heavy artillery on the Lebanese borders.

6 September

The PFLP guerillas hijacked four airlines, leading them in Jordan and destroying them after removing all their passengers.



8 May

Four Guerillas (two men and two women) from the Palestinian "Black September Organization", hijacked a Sabena plane carrying 100 passengers at Lydda airport, and demanding the release of 106 Palestinians arrested by Israel. The next day the plane was stormed by the Israeli forces and the passengers were released.

4 September

Palestinian commandos attacked the Israeli sport team in the Munich Olympic Games, killing 11 Israeli athletes. The operation came to press for the release of 200 Palestinian prisoners in Israel. Five of the guerillas were killed in the Operation.

19 September

A letter bomb sent by the Palestinian "Black September Organization" killed the Israeli diplomat in London, Ami Shchori.

29 October

Palestinian commandos hijacked a Lufthansa plane flying from Beirut to Frankfurt demanding the release of the three surviving guerillas of the Munich operation against the Israeli athletes. The next day Germany gave in and freed the three guerillas.

28 December

"Black September Organization" guerillas stormed and occupied the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok and detained six diplomats. After the negotiations the hostages had been released and the guerillas were flown to Egypt.



26 January

"Black September Organization" commandos killed the Israeli Intelligence agent Moise Eichy in Madrid, Spain.

12 March

"Black September Organization" commandos killed an Israeli agent in Nicosia, Cyprus.



5 March

Fatah attacked, with rockets and machine guns, the seashore of the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv and killed 13 Israeli.

4 July

An explosion of a booby-trapped refrigerator in Zion Square killed 13 Israelis. The PLO claimed responsibility. After the blast, hundreds of Jews rampage through Arab neighborhoods and attacked Palestinians.



14 October

Three PFLP commandos hijacked a Lufthansa plane at Mogadishu airport in Somalia.  After three days, on October 17th, a special German unit stormed the plane and killed three from the four hijackers; also the pilot of the plane was killed, before they succeed to free the 86 passengers.



14 February

PLO guerillas exploded an Israeli bus, killing two Israelis and wounding more than 46.

11 March

Palestinian guerillas made a sea, landing in Haifa led by Dalal Al Mugrabi, then hijacked an Israeli bus and killed several civilians before being killed by the Israeli forces.



13 April

Four Palestinian guerillas hijacked an Israeli bus Number 300 on its way from Tel Aviv to Ashkelon, and then they drove it to Gaza before they have being forced to stop by roadblocks. After storming the bus, two of the four guerillas were killed and the other two were handed alive by the Israeli forces to the Sheen Beit agents, who kill them later.



17 April

A PFLP activist called Fathi Mohammad Al-Gherbawi attacked a restaurant in the Gaza Strip near Al Nasser hospital and killed three Israeli intelligence officers before being killed by a bodyguard.

7 October

PFLP commandos hijacked an Italian cruise ship called Achille Lauro, with 413 people aboard, off the Egyptian coast, demanding the release of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails. The act was believed to be masterminded by Mohammad Abu Al Abbas.

25 November

A PFLP hang glider landed in north Israel killed six Israeli soldiers and wounded others before being killed.

27 December

Palestinian guerillas launched two separates attacks on El 'Al passengers at Rome and Vienna airports resulting in 17 people dead and more than 100 wounded.

September 1967- December 1985

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