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September 2009 "Utilization of Solar Energy in lightening Jub-Altheib Village in the West Bank"

Posted in September 2009 "Completed Projects"

Funded by:      The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
Starting Date: December 2008
Ending Date:   September 2009
This project, funded by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), aims at utilizing of solar energy in lighting the Jub-Altheib Village in Bethlehem Governorate main road, mosque, and public community rooms for the project community. This project will also raise awareness of targeted community on climatic change mitigation, focusing on energy efficiency and saving techniques; assessing the possibility of replicating this ‘pilot project’ on other 78 communities that lack power in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Several key activities shall be conducted for the utilization of solar energy in lightening Jub-Altheib village in the West Bank; meetings with the village projects committee so as to develop memorandum of understanding between ARIJ and the committee to be able to operate and maintain the solar power plant; coordination meetings with the Electricity Regulatory Commission to ensure sustainable operation of the unit, as well as conducting awareness campaign and workshops on the project environmental impact, energy alternatives and energy efficiency. 

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