On-Going Projects

September 2018 "Assessing the impacts of Israeli movement restrictions on the mobility of people and goods in the West Bank"
November 2018 "Awareness Campaign For A Sustainable Water Usage"
December 2018 "Promoting Resilience and Good Governance in Palestine"
December 2018 "Certification and improving professionalism of producer-consumer cooperatives’ group, Palestine"
December 2018 "Optimizing the use of conventional and non-conventional water for irrigation towards rural development and women and youth empowerment in Palestine"
December 2018 "Sooquna-Our Market"
February 2019 "A Baseline study of higher Education and Research in Palestine"
April 2018 "Supporting The Implementation of Rangeland Rehabilitation Activities"
June 2019 "Introducing feasible and sustainable hydro-agriculture systems to benefit poor people in urban Palestinian areas"
December 2019 "Enhancing the profitability of Small Ruminants Sector through Innovating Active Production-Marketing System in the North of the Jordan Valley"
December 2019 "Reducing Food Insecurity in the West Bank through Urban Farming Methods"
December 2019 "Advocating for a Sustainable and Viable Resolution of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"
February 2020 "Promote wastewater treatment and reuse in the water scarce areas of the Middle East and North Africa through development and demonstration of innovative financial instruments and inclusive management plans"
March 2020 "Securing food for poor families through introducing friendly and sustainable agriculture techniques"
August 2020 "Joint Services Council for Planning and Development Eastern Rural - Bethlehem JCSPD - EASTERN RURAL BETHLEHEM ( ARD )"

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