On-Going Projects

July 2017 "Improving the capacities of local authorities to develop and implement sustainable energy efficiency practices and renewable demonstration actions"
October 2017 "Green-energy technologies and solutions to help reduce overall operating costs for Palestinian institutions"
December 2017 "Adopting green hydroponic production to increase food security, income generating and competitiveness of agricultural cooperatives sector in Palestine"
December 2017 "Strengthening Livelihoods through Community Adaptation and Learning (SLCAL)"
December 2017 "Development of Alternative Energy Sources- in the Framework of the Program of Support for the Palestinian People"
December 2017 "Certification and improving professionalism of producer-consumer cooperatives’ group, Palestine"
March 2018 "Tax Justice, budget monitoring and citizen participation"
March 2018 "Improving Food Security to Families in Bethlehem Governorate through the Provision of Improved Irrigation Farming Methods "
June 2018 "A replicable model of affordable renewable energy for poor communities in Bethlehem-Palestine"
August 2018 "Assessing the impacts of Israeli movement restrictions on the mobility of people and goods in the West Bank"
December 2018 "Improving good governance among cooperatives and CBOs In Palestine"
December 2019 "Advocating for a Sustainable and Viable Resolution of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"
February 2020 "Sustainable Water Integrated Management programme (SWIM) – Phase II Demonstration projects"
March 2020 "Securing food for poor families through introducing friendly and sustainable agriculture techniques"

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