Recent Consultancies

Following is a list of major consultancies conducted by ARIJ within the last three years:

  • 1. Inventory of Palestinian Forest Trees. (Ministry of Education and Higher Education)
  • 2. End Review of the Physical Planning and Institution Building Project, Palestinian Territory.
  • 3. An Integrated Baseline Survey Building Project for the West Bank Joint Councils: JICA (I)
  • 4. The Development of the Joint Councils Strategy: JICA(II)
  • 5. Food Security and Socio Economic Atlas of OPT. (World Food Program)
  • 6. Implementing a Short Term Consultancy to Carry out a Survey of Science, Innovation, and Technology at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions and Research Centers. (UNESCO)
  • 7. Village Profile Needs Assessment in Bethlehem Governorate. (Spanish Cooperation).
  • 8. Village Profile Needs Assessment in Hebron Governorate. (Spanish Cooperation).
  • 9. Needs Assessment in Dry Land Farming (World Vision).
  • 10. Natural Resources Management Policy for MOA (UNDP, FAO)
  • 11. Environmental Country Profile for Palestine (JICA)
  • 12. Biodiversity Strategy (Palestinian Environmental Authority)
  • 13. Agricultural Natural Resources Strategy, Ministry of Agriculture (FAO )
  • 14. State of Environment Report for the Palestinian Territory (UNEP)
  • 15. Social Assessment for Solid Waste Land Fill (World Bank)
  • 16. Environmental Human Rights Action Plan (UNCHR)
  • 17. Agro Biodiversity Strategy for Palestine (UNDP)
  • 18. Evaluation of Capacity Building in Agricultural Policy Analysis and Planning in Palestine (UNDP)
  • 19. Capacity Building for the Adoption and Application of Energy Codes for Buildings (UNDP)
  • 20. Assessment of Water and Waste Water in Hebron and Bethlehem (ICRC)
  • 21. Waste Water Strategy (World Bank)
  • 22. Poverty and the Environment (UNDP)
  • 23. Capacity Building at MOA (UNDP, Holland)
  • 24. Agricultural Medium Term Plan (UNDP, MOA)
  • 25. Agro Biodiversity GIS (UNDP)
  • 26. Mainstreaming Biodiversity Management Consideration into Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Production Processes. (UNDP)
  • 26. GIS Capacity Building for Bethlehem Governorate and the Establishment of a GIS Service Unit (UNDP, Italy)
  • 27. Azahar Program Strategy in Palestine (Spanish Cooperation)
  • 28. Agricultural Information System (Spanish Cooperation)
  • 29. Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Mapping System 

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