The Widgetkit Slideset takes your product showcase to the next level. It provides a sleek way to show multiple sets of items and uses smooth effects while looping through them. Features Clean and very lightweight code Eye-catching transition effects Support [...]

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The Widgetkit Accordion enables you to display a set of items in a compact space, by clicking on each items header it expands or collapses it's content section. Features Clean and very lightweight code Smooth transitions on content section toggle [...]

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The Widgetkit Map provides a simple solution for adding a map to your website. Various features let you customize the map like changing colors and adding markers or directions. Features Location selection with auto geocoding Support for multiple map markers [...]

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The Widgetkit Gallery provides a smart and automated way to publish images on your website. You only need to select the image folders and the whole gallery is generated automatically. Features Comes with image wall, slider and slideshow styles Folder [...]

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Media Player

The Widgetkit Media Player is a HTML5 audio and video player completely built HTML and CSS. You can easily embed video files into your website by using the HTML5 video element. A Flash player fallback is included for all unsupported [...]

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