Water Resources and Irrigated Agriculture in the West Bank

This book is the consummation of the knowledge that was gained during the work on the “Potentials for Sustainable and Equitable Development of Irrigated Agriculture in the West Bank” project. The book comprises three parts: the first deals with water resources [...]

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The Status of Jerusalem Reconstructed: Israel

This publication examines the Israeli activities in and around East Jerusalem and reveals a systematic plan which aims at the strangulation of Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem and separation of Jerusalem from the West Bank. It outlines individual cases of Israeli [...]

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The Oslo Accord: Results and Developments

This book includes the proceedings of the special seminar held in Bethlehem between 18-19 May, 1997. It presents the opening statements by Abdel Rahman  Abu Arafeh, and Annick Tontti, in addition to the first day session and presentations by Haydar Abdul Shafi, [...]

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