Pesticide Usage in the West Bank

This book, as the initial part of a broader project, aimed to collect background data about pesticide use in the West Bank.  In line with international norms, results have shown that pesticide usage is greater in areas of intensive and [...]

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Dry Land Farming in Palestine

The book discusses ways of developing rainfed agriculture in Palestine, which is identified as the most predominant pattern governing farm systems in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The book is made up of sections, in which the first includes [...]

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Alquds Info

To maintain the viability of the two-state solution with Jerusalem as the capital of two states. More specifically, the project aims to strenghthen the resilience of Palestinian East Jerusalem residents and preserve the Palestinian character of the city. The project’s [...]

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Financial Transparency Index (FTI) measures and promotes budget transparency at municipal level Palestine. An evaluation of the financial transparency of 30 Palestinian Municipalities in 2018 and 24 Municipalities in 2020, across the West Bank took place, using the FTI. The [...]

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To reinforce RTD capacities of (ARIJ) in the sustainable management of OMW in the West Bank, by increasing networking and cooperation with European centres of top-level research and scientific excellence working in the same field.

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Dead Sea Project

The Dead Sea website was developed as part of the Dead Sea project funded by the European Commission. The website highlights the problem concerning the decline of the Dead Sea's water level, and the reasons behind it. It also shows [...]

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