The Issue of Biodiversity in Palestine

The paper starts with an introduction about the land of Palestine and its people, then moves to discussing several topics such as: factors contributing to biodiversity, the land as it was, changes in the green cover, population, occupation, economy, Palestinian [...]

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Towards a Palestinian Water Policy

Palestinian entitlements for water include the underground water of the West Bank and Gaza aquifers and their rightful shares in the water of the Jordan River as riparian. However, at present, Israel is utilizing 85% of the water from the [...]

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Pesticide Usage in the West Bank

This study, as the initial part of a broader project, aimed to collect background data about pesticide use in the West Bank. In line with international norms, results have shown that pesticide usage is greater in areas of intensive and [...]

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The Nutritional Status in Palestine

Nutritional status is one of the indicators of both the level of development and the development potential of a given country. In many developing countries nutritional status is linked to the availability of food, often relation directly to food production [...]

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Olive Oil in the West Bank

Olive trees are one of the most suitable trees for the Palestine soil and climate. This tree, characterized its ability to withstand the hot and dry climate, develops very well in the sandy and clay soil. Olive trees are in [...]

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