Undertaking and developing research in the fields of environment, land, water resources and natural resources management.

Agro-production, rural development, commercial and marketing capacities, and seed improvement.

Occupation practices, urbanization and municipal planning, rural and urban development.

Food security and environment management implementation activities.

Baseline community profiles; surveying natural, human, socioeconomic and environmental resources including existing limitations and need assessment.

Wastewater, solid waste, water resources, land use, biodiversity and desertification.

Utilization of renewable energy and the campaign against climate change.

Geo-technologies (GIS), remote sensing, map production, and database management.

Environmental monitoring; pollution, climatic change, waste management, including the development of computer-based programs for environmental modeling.

Software development, web-sites, databases and office automation.

Civil society involvement in gender equity, access to better life, decision making and good practices.

Local communities’ empowerment; technical capacities, in addition to capacity building in good governance, transparency and accountability.