ARIJ staff is professional in the fields of natural resources, land use, agriculture, biodiversity, environment, IT, GIS and remote sensing technology, administration and finance, management and planning. The members of staff have diverse and varying levels of education, ranging from Diplomas, Bachelor's degrees, Master's Degrees, Doctorate degrees and Post Doctorate Degrees. And because ARIJ believes that the combination of technical, organizational and personal competency is what ensures successful performance, it continues developing its human resource capacities through offering and/or encouraging staff to apply for scholarships for professional development. ARIJ also supports international and local cooperation and sharing of knowledge, therefore it has developed an internal system to host local and international interns, volunteers and trainees. In addition to its main premise in Bethlehem, a number of ARIJ employees are centered in Tubas and Ramallah offices which were established in order to facilitate the implementation of ARIJ projects in the central and northern parts of the West-Bank. Following is a list of the institute’s current employees:


  Jad Elias Isaac
 General Director 
 Ph.D - Plant Psychology & Biochemistry


 Nader Shehadeh Hrimat
 Deputy Director General 
 Master's Degree - Agronomy


 Raed Elias Abed Rabbo
 HR Director / Public Relations Director
 Bachelor's Degree - Social Work & Psychology


 Lina George Nasser
 Head of Grants Management Dept. 
 Master's Degree - International Cooperation & Development


Administration Department

 Suha Issa Barham
 Executive Secretary
 Secretary Certificate
 Hiba Hawash
 BA - Computer Science
 Mageda Issa Jaraiseh

Accounting Department

 Mahira Bassam Al-Taweel
 Financial Director
 Bachelor's Degree - Mathematics Applied to Economics
 Khader Issa Alsous
 Diploma - Accounting

Marian Nasser

Finance Assistant
Bachelor's Degree - Business Administration

Procurement & Contracting Department

 Rena Andon
 Head of Procurement Dep.
 Bachelor's Degree - Accounting

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning Department

 Oriana Morcos
 Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
 Bachelor's Degree - Accounting
 Mutaz Adnan Aljawareesh
 Field Assistant
 Bachelor's Degree - Business Administration/ Marketing

Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity & Food Security Program


 Nader Shehadeh Hrimat
 Program Director
 Master's Degree- Agronomy


 Munif Muhammad Doudin
 Research Associate
 Master's Degree- Agricultural Science (Plant Protection)
 Mohammed Moustafa
 Research Assistant
 Bachelor's Degree- Plant Production & Protection
 Riham Ali Sawaftah
 Administrative Assitant
 Bachelor's Degree- Business Administration
 Samah Bader
 Social inclusion Officer
 Master Degree - Community Mental Health Nursing
 Awni Ahmad Jber
 Bachelor's Degree- Plant Production and Prevention
 Anas Sayeh
 Research Assistant
 Bachelor's Degree- Plant Production & Protection
 Sami Mujahed
 Research Associate
 Master Degree - Sustainable IMP Technology for Mediterranean Fruit & Vegetable Crops


Climate Change Department

  Fadi Kamal Dweik
 Research Associate
 Master's Degree - Science in Environmental Management

Urbanization Monitoring Department

 Suhail Sami Khalilieh
 Head of Urbanization Monitoring Dept.
 Diploma - Hotel Management 
 Juliette George Bannoura
 Research Assistant
 Bachelor's Degree - Computer Science

Water & Environment Research Department

 Jane Sami Hilal
 Head of Water & Environment Research Dept.
 Master's Degree - Science in Environmental Management
 Elias Riad Abu Mohor
 Site Engineer
 Bachelor's Degree - Industrial Engineering
 Aseel Bader (Study Leave)
 Research Assistant
 Bachelor's Degree - Engineering in Environmental Eng. Technology

Geographic Information System & Remote Sensing


 Issa Mahmoud Zboun
 Head of GIS & RS Dept.
 Bachelor's Degree - Computer Information Systems

 Ayman Abu Zahra
 GIS Specialist
 Bachelor's Degree - Civil Engineering

Good Governance Program

 Rasha Alyatim
 Manager of Good Governance Program
Master Degree - Public Administration
 Rajae Ibraheem Abukarsh
 Research Assistant
 Bachelor's Degree - Agricultural Science (Crop Production & Protection)
 Iyad Ahmad Khalifeh
 Research Assistant
 Bachelor's Degree - Water & Environment Management
 Razan Zahde
 Research Assistant
 Bachelor's Degree - Political Science

Information Technology Program

 Fadi Isaac
 Manager of Information Technology Program
 Software Engineering




 Nizar Basem Abu Aita
 System & Network Administrator 
 B.Sc. Computer Information Systems


 Cezar Issa Qumsieh (Study Leave)
 Advocacy Officer
 Bachelor's Degree - International Business & Management Studies 

Internal Audit

 Miltiadi Habash
 Internal Auditor

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