Bethlehem, December 8, 2012:- Good Governance (GG) Department researchers of the Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) held an introductory meeting with the new Municipal Council as part of the Pro-Poor Integrity (PPI) Program in Jericho Municipality.

This meeting came as part of the GG Department efforts to introduce the new elected council with the local PPI Integrity committee erected in Jericho. The committee, GG staff, and the new Council met together to discuss the PPI program in Jericho; its approach and activities for the past three years and their further plans for the remaining duration of the program.

Pro-Poor Integrity (PPI) Program uses a social accountability approach to improve the way services are delivered, especially to the poor and most marginalized in Jericho. PPI’s approach is a community driven, collaborative problem-solving approach, focusing on integrity problems and solutions in public service delivery. PPI’s approach focuses on building capabilities, increasing responsiveness, increasing accountability and collecting evidence in public service delivery.

The committee first met the council members as hopeful candidates in the pre-election stage. In those meetings the committee introduced itself and its work, asking them as candidates to sign a Pledge of Honor to comply with once they are in council.

This meeting comes as an acknowledgement from the committee to highlight the vitality for a strong partnership and a collaborative relation between the new Municipal Council and the committee. The meeting spanned several topics; from the water service in Jericho, the primary concern of the committee at this time, to other municipal services and challenges. The Mayor welcomed the partnership and the joint work to be done to improve service delivery standards in Jericho.
“The amount of work the Municipality has to do is staggering. We are well aware that the new council members stay late at night to get things done and we are here to offer our support and help” said Nidal Jalayta, one of the committee members.

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