ARIJ held a series of trainings for the cooperatives under brand “Mawasem products” in partnership with PCPM, the Polish partner. The trainings were given by a polish expert “Mr. Lukasz Rompel” who is specialized in developing Business Strategy/Marketing Plans and Strategies for the cooperatives. The cooperative representatives trained on developing the strategic mechanisms, investment planning, and production plans for their cooperatives towards developing a sustainable and feasible business plans. This activity is an advanced stage of the provided training by the same project in year 2015 with the same cooperatives. Currently, each of the eight targeted cooperatives has started improving their strategic action plan based on provided training. The conducted assessment for these cooperatives showed the lack of clear strategic businesses (production-marketing) and the absence of written action plans for their entrepreneurship.

This activity is part of Polish project interventions that aims at improving the cooperative institutional and businesses framework. This project is funded by Polish Aid and is being implemented by ARIJ and PCPM (Polish Center for International Aid). These activities will be continued till the end of the current year to ensure the achievements of needed goals. The main goal is helping the cooperatives to develop their strategic business plans in order to improve their role in the value chain of their produced commodities under the developed cooperative products brand “Mawasem”.