ARIJ meets The Global Business Bridges Initiative technical assistance group

Bethlehem 6, November 2012:- The Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) hosted a delegation leading a research team assessing the feasibility study for the Global Business Bridges Initiative “ the GBB Initiative ”.

The delegation representing the initiative headed by Mr callus D. Hagenoff; “is a joint coordinated initiative by the European Union Delegation to Turkey, the Turkish Ministry of Economics and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchange of turkey (TOBB) as stated in the delegation brief.

Initiative mentioned involves building and fostering a small and medium enterprise (SME) trilateral economic cooperation; highlighted in the meeting as a “Trilateral Business Linkage” and “Matchmaking Events” that would narrow the gap among the companies in the involved parties of the initiatives would benefiting the Palestinian markets along the side of the EU member states and Turkey.  

ARIJ Director General D. Jad Isaac elaborating to the gust delegation on the sustainable areas of sustainable investment

The study lead by the hosted delegation aims to inspect the feasibility of the Initiative impact on the targeted countries by exploring the and identifying the key economic areas of cooperation in the proposed trilateral cooperation among the involved parties.

The Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) and as a leading research institution in the oPthighlighted the Palestinian resources that are available for development and trilateral cooperation that can boost the stated mission of the initiative while maintaining sustainability and advancement for the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation.

Affirming the need of multinational and cross borders economic cooperation, the Director General of theApplied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) Dr. Jad Isaac have highlighted the need and for feasible trilateral and cross-border investments. Cooperation on paper, plastic and water treatment or recycling; are investments that are of high value to Palestinian people.

“It will create jobs to counter the high unemployment rates in the Palestinian, with high add value of preserving our natural resources towards securing sustainability” noted Dr. Jad Isaac as he addressed the delegation on the possibilities to establish new joint projects within the trilateral investment approach.

The study delegation statement clearly acknowledges the main obstacles and challenges in the region highlighting it as a “crossroad” for the EU’s economic future, Turkey’s EU membership and it’s new form of the engagement wit it’s neighboring countries and changing situations in the MENA Region.

ARIJ is an local organization experienced in the Palestinian Territory in the fields of economic, social, management of natural resources, water management, sustainable agriculture and political dynamics of development in the area. ARIJ plays an active role in the local community as an advocate for greater cooperation among local institutions as well as international and non-governmental organizations           


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