Bethlehem, December 17, 2012:- The Applied Research Institute Jerusalem “ARIJ” led by its’ IT Program held a 4-hour long internal workshop to raise the awareness of its researchers and administration team on social media platforms and its integration in the work process of ARIJ.

The captivated audience listened to Mr. Bisher Qassis of the IT Program on the various uses and benefits of utilizing the social media tools in social reporting and dissemination of information released by different departments. During the 4-hour workshop Mr. Qassis gave a demo on a number of social media platforms such as ProAct, PBworks, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google plus, Google Drive and Google Reader.

“Social media platforms are very common to use now. They make your news spread at a speed of a click” Said Qassis referring to the new world social media platforms.

The workshop highlighted how in a new era the social media is the platform to raise and spread the information on the ongoing and proposed projects for development; one of the emerging platforms for sharing information on public procurement social media platforms is Pro-Act (Procurement in Action).

The sensitivity and nature of social media and its ability to spread information in general, highlighting tools used for targeting posting using the tag function in specific fields of interest, all mentioned is aiding creating a better and faster environment for sharing info of related research and reporting.

Mr. Qassis narrated the new age methods of group coordinated reporting, platforms that allow share of information without returning to the old methods of regular mail or email, saving time and space in data storages. Saving time and much effort in organizing planning and developing of work plans and research process, these online templates comes as easy ready-made tools that research teams mainly filed researches, can benefit from.

Mr. Fadi Isaac IT Program Manager assured that this workshop comes a one of many others that will be held to develop the local skills at ARIJ towards better and safer exposure with social media. The 4-hour workshop by inviting the researches and the administration team at ARIJ to look into how best they can benefit from the use of social media platforms in their work.

 “We used to feel the burden as IT specialists in doing our best to help the researchers to spread their work but now they are invited to take an active role using the user- friendly platforms of social media in disseminating their work” concluded Mr. Isaac.