Bethlehem 26, June 2013 

This week, the consortium of specialized engineering companies who will be conducting the Palestinian National Transportation Strategy visited Palestine, the consortium comprises by international consulting partners SYSTEMMATICA, IDORTIC, Air Support and POLITECNICA and ARIJ as the local partner, all of whom are specialized in the fields of Aerial, Land and Maritime Engineering. This project comes in as the fruit of cooperation between the Palestinian minsters and their Italian counter parts last year.

It will be implemented with the full cooperation of the Ministry of Public Transportation, the Ministry of Local Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance as well as the National Economy and National Special Planning Committee. It is worth mentioning that this project is carried by the support and fund of the EU through the European Investment Bank and the FEMIP of the 18 months facilitated projects.


Systematica was represented by its President & Founder Eng. Fabio Casiroli, Luca Terragni and the Senior Consultant in Systematica, Diego Deponte as well as the Vice-President of BLUE Engineering & Design Eng. Mohmed Eid, along with ARIJ team and the involved stakeholders, including Dr. Ali Sha’ath Deputy Minister of Transportation and Eng. Toufiq Al-Budairy Deputy Minister of Local Governorate for engineering issues, Dr. Amal Jado from the Palestinian Foreign Ministry/ European Affairs, Mr. Abdel Hafeez Nofal Deputy Minister of National Economy, Dr. Ahmad Saleh – Director of National Special Planning Committee and Dr. Hisham Shokokany Deputy Assistant Minister for Technical Affaires in the Palestinian Economic Council for Development & Reconstruction (BECDAR).

Together with partners of the “Palestinian Strategy for Public Transportation” and interested stakeholders, The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ) held a number of meeting to launch the research and development phase towards setting a Palestinian national transportation strategy.

Dr. Jad Isaac the Director General of The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ) singed a contract with Eng. Fabio Casiroli Systematica Founder & Partner as the representative of the consortium so as to introduce ARIJ as the local Palestinian partner in this project in the field of R&D and implementation in the whole project