Funded by:

  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Contracting Party:

  • October 2011

Starting Date:

  • Ending Date: November 2012

This project will target 20 Palestinians CSOs in its aims at creating a guideline of social capital best practices in the Palestinian democratization and governance processes. The project shall be implemented through four phases. The first phase aims to diagnose how social capital is utilized and incorporated by CSOs. In the second phase, the research's results will be adopted into a training material format to train the 20-targeted CSOs on social capital concepts. The third phase will be a pilot implementation phase where two CSOs will be chosen to implement the research results. These CSOs will evaluate their implementing experience and share it with the rest of targeted CSOs. The final phase of the project is to format the conducted research, best practices, and the pilot experience into an accessible report and disseminate it for CSOs, invested stakeholders and the public through several channels.