The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ), a Palestinian non-governmental organization, is implementing “Tax Justice, Budget Monitoring and Citizens’ Participation” project which is funded by Oxfam under its Finance for Development program.

The action touches on one of the corner stones of democratic values: transparency, accountability and participation, which is about holding governments accountable for spending public funds raised by taxation and foreign aid meant to benefit Palestinian citizens.

A fair budget allocation, responsive to the needs of the poor and marginalized is key to respond to the increasing economic pressures under a deteriorating political and economic situation in Palestine.

The action tackles issues essential for public finance management in Palestine, especially given the fiscal pressure faced by the PA. On one hand, it will push for fair budget allocation prioritizing the need of the poor and marginalized, while reducing fiscal burden through increasing water fee collection, and providing technical support for public staff.

ARIJ is seeking a competitive offer to conduct training in Policy and Budget Analysis/Formulation for a number of its employees and partners’ employees. For further information, please see the attached PDF.