Funded by:      Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI)
Starting Date: January 2008
Ending Date:   December 2008

This agricultural project aims to strengthen livelihood through improving access to food production in plant and livestock. The project will rehabilitate 120 rainwater cisterns, establish and plant 160 home gardens with drip irrigation networks, distribute field crops and forages seeds for cultivation to 400 households in 8 villages, and distribute layer chicken to 120 households in 12 villages, establishing 120 household poultry farms for egg production and rehabilitation of 60 small ruminants' barracks. Additionally, the project beneficiaries shall receive intensive training to expand their knowledge and build their capacities and skills in agricultural practices, water and garden management, food processing, livestock rearing and dairy processing, poultry farms management as well as food hygiene. The beneficiaries are also trained on practicing proper agricultural practices through the project extension visits. On-site trainings are conducted for the project participants collectively through implementation of the farmers’ field school approach. Through this activity, the farmers meet at the field site of one of the community beneficiaries and are provided with the required training and extension services by experts.