Funded by: The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD)
Starting Date: July 2008
Ending Date: December 2008

One of the major sustainability challenges for ARIJ is insuring adequate building facilities to provide office space for its growing number of employees, and facilitate the performance of the institute different activities.  Through expanding its resource mobilization efforts, ARIJ has received funds from the ‘Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development in Kuwait’ to carry out a building project. The project has been implemented in 2008, during which two additional floors with a total area 642 square meters were added to the new ARIJ premises. Once furnished, the two floors shall consist of 26 rooms including offices, meeting rooms, two laboratories, and a conference room. And as the Bethlehem area suffers from the lack of water especially during the summer, ARIJ management has also decided to construct a cistern with a capacity of 100 cubic meters, to serve the needs of the Institute. During the year of 2009, ARIJ Board of Directors hopes to complete the finishing of the two floors through seeking additional funds from the friends of ARIJ.