Funded by:            Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)
Project Partners: Capital of Arab Culture Al-Quds 2009
Project Partners: Center for Jerusalem Studies
Starting Date:       March 2009
Ending Date:         December 2009
Ending Website:

This project is implemented in partnership with the “Capital of Arab Culture Al-Quds 2009” & “Center for Jerusalem Studies” The project is going to develop dynamic mapping system to provide the Palestinian government, NGOs and people with current, accurate, and nationally consistent basic spatial data of Jerusalem. The project shall utilize advanced mapping technology and innovatively display maps on the internet. The interactive homepage shall provide "One Stop" web access to geographically referenced data covering a wide variety of themes for Jerusalem. This project shall collect and analyze geopolitical data about Jerusalem to develop a detailed and interactive home-page which shall provide information about all historic and religious sights in the old city. Also, an interactive map and a recent aerial photo of the Jerusalem Area shall be available.