Contracting party: The Swedish Cooperative Centre (SCC)
Funded by:              The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
Starting Date:         March 2011
Ending Date:           December 2011

The project aims at enhancing self agro production and livelihood of agriculture dependent women headed and poor households, by providing them with agro food production assistance. The project’s target group is women-headed households, and poor rural families, located in the Northwestern rural areas of Jerusalem Governorate. In order to achieve its objective, the project will focus on providing targeted households with access to water resources, and improving their agro practices and food processing applications.  The activities implemented to achieve previous goals will include: rehabilitation and construction of rainwater harvesting cisterns, installing household wastewater treatment units, providing households with chicken farms, beehives, and sheep. In addition to conducting different training workshops in the fields of home garden management, food processing, poultry, sheep, and wastewater reuse.