Funded by:         Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM)
Starting Date:   May 2012
Ending Date:     December 2012

The purpose of this project is improving and sustaining agricultural activities, resource management and drought conditions for 80 poor families and farmers who are mainly depending on their cultivations as main of partially source of income and household food in Bethlehem Governorate, along with educating 35 students from Al Arroub agriculture school in Hebron who show high level of interest and commitment under the supervision of their teachers. This will be achieved through providing 70 households with home gardens and composters (50 composting bin and 20 composting worms) to produce food, in addition to providing 10 households with aquaponics to produce vegetables, herbs, and fish. Moreover, 2 aquaponic models will be established, one in Bethlehem and in Hebron Governorate. The results of the project will be improving agro-practices of vulnerable rural households through recycling their organic waste and producing compost for their home gardens; assisting in increasing self-food production of rural households through utilizing the homemade compost to cultivate their home gardens; assisting Palestinian farmers and Al-Arroub Agricultural School students in practicing the production of vegetables, herbs and fish from newly established aquaponics; and improving knowhow, skills, practices and awareness of small farmers and Al-Arroub school students in agro-production techniques.