Contracting party: The Swedish Cooperative Centre (SCC)
Funded by:               The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
Partners:                  New Farm Company (NFC)
Starting Date:         January 2013
Ending Date:          December 2013

 The project’s objective is to strengthen the capacities of the target group to produce adequate and high quality products, while increasing consumer awareness on these products. The project’s target group consists of 10 Palestinian cooperatives based in the West Bank in addition to New Farm Company (NFC). To achieve its objective the project will focus on improving market access and production capacities of NFC and affiliates through providing cooperatives with necessary technical support, know-how, and equipment which will result in improving the quality of the products and reducing the production cost. Moreover, the project will focus on improving women participation in NFC and affiliates through supporting women economic empowerment initiatives and facilitate women access to micro-finance services within SCC program.