Funded by:               Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA)
Contracting Party: Dan Church Aid (DCA)
Starting Date:          August 2012
Ending Date:            December 2014

The overall objective of the project is to provide poorest families with small scale renewable energy, in order to improve the living conditions and access to electricity services which will enhance social progress and alleviate poverty in Palestine. The project will provide 18 rural poor families with no current access to affordable energy with 18 home based off-grid solar panels system and this will provide them with better living conditions and increase their income-generating opportunities. Renewable energy infrastructure will relieve communities of their dependence upon external energy and generate revenue by allowing the use of electric butter churns and refrigerator. In addition 300 solar lights will be distributed to 300 poor families in Bethlehem Governorate, which will contribute to decrease their home electricity invoices and will contribute to promote the idea of renewable on the communities and will enhance the living condition of the poor families. Moreover the project will increase the awareness of the local community in the usage and utilization of green and sustainable energy, and build the capacity of the households in the field of energy efficiency and energy management and technicalities.