Contracting Party:       Polish Center for International Aid
Co-financing Agency: 2014 Development Cooperation Programme- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland
Starting Date:               March 2014
Ending Date:                 December 2014

The project objective is to enhance and strengthen women entrepreneurship (mainly lonely women maintaining their households), being associated in Al-Jalama Women Cooperative and to reduce poverty in their households through possibility to gain an additional income. The project is directed to support and enhance agrobusiness activities, improve quality of natural resources management and create jobs for 60 women associated in Al-Jalama Women Cooperative in Jenin Governorate. The effective systems of agro production, processing and marketing of local products of the Cooperative, set up within the project, will assure sources of income for the most vulnerable families from Al-Jalama. The project also aims to reduce poverty and increase in quality of life. The indirect aim of the Project is to increase the quality of agricultural production in Palestinian Autonomy. The project’s objectives will be achieved through a series of interventions that will result at strengthening the cooperative’s capacity to produce and process agriculture products; improve the beneficiaries’ production potential, both of the beneficiaries and the Cooperative itself, and broadening the market space for Al.-Jalama Cooperative products by establishing and implementing effective marketing capacity both within Palestine, as well as introducing the Cooperative’s products to the Polish market.