Funded by:              European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument, Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean – Program funded by European Union)
Contracting Party: The University of Malta, Institute of Tourism, Travel and Culture
  • Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit, Malta
  • GEREDIS, Spain
  • Fundacion Comunidad Valenciana-Region Europea, Spain
  • Larnaca District Development Agency, Cyprus
  • Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality Management, Lebanese University
  • Shouf Biosphere Reserve, Lebanon
  •  Department of Urban Planning. Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
  •   The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan, Jordan
Starting Date:         September  2012
Ending Date:           December 2015

The project objective is the development and dissemination from a common approach diagnosis of procedures and multidisciplinary advanced systems for the integrated management, exploitation and diffusion of the cultural heritage and landscapes protection from the quality and sustainable tourism view in the Mediterranean Basin. The project responds to the need of public and private Sustainable-Tourism managers on both regional and national to strengthen its innovation capacities. The tourism sector includes many organizations and authorities, interested in services such as those developed in this project at the prospect of new opportunities for new exploitation of their sites and improvement of its competitiveness, in a context of negative economic trends, fight against the climate change, environment deterioration and global economy characterized by high dynamism, continuous changes and broader international competition. It furthers targets transnational and pan-Mediterranean organisms/organizations.