Contracting Party::         Polish Center for International Aid
Co-Financing Agency:    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of 
Starting Date:   March 2015
Ending Date:     December-2015

The project aims to support the existing productive cooperatives to become Entrepreneur Business Model through creating new marketing approach, Cooperative to Cooperative under a sustainable and feasible framework to serve up to 400 rural poor families directly and Palestinian consumer indirectly.

The project will target three agricultural cooperatives in addition to Al-Jalama women Cooperative that are specialized in producing some Palestinian agro-food commodities. The project will create Cooperative to Cooperative marketing system to market the products of the targeted cooperatives through targeting three cooperatives that own selling points. The project will also target three main supermarkets that are supporting the cooperatives’ products to market their products Building the capacities of targeted cooperatives in crop management, post-harvest treatment, food processing. To achieve its objectives the project will build the capacities of targeted cooperatives in quality control, food safety, filling, packaging, labeling; build the capacities of targeted cooperatives to conduct cost analysis, practicing promotion activities and exploring potential marketing channels; create unified branding and standards for the cooperatives targeted products to be distinguished in all targeted markets; and create a network and partnership between the productive and consumable cooperatives, alliance markets and marketing channels to sustain their rural production activities and sustain their entrepreneurs.