Funded by:         Oxfam Novib
Partners:            The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy- MIFTAH
                                      Teacher Creativity Center-TCC
                                      Coalition for Integrity and Accountability -AMAN
Starting Date:   January-2015
Ending Date:     December-2015

This project is part of Tax Justice, Budget Monitoring, and Citizen Participation programme in OPT . The project has three objectives: 1- Citizens, media and civil society organizations have an effective voice in demanding transparency and accountability of budget stakeholders and are capable to formulate relevant policy alternatives; 2- Citizens and civil society organizations contribute to a just, effective, predictable and transparent revenue system; 3- Budget stakeholders allocate public resources in a fair way to support marginalized citizens, in particular women and girls, giving them access to their basic rights (education, health, social welfare). It is expected that the project will result in: Reinforcing an effective, representative and inclusive national coalition and one effective local coalition that is capable of influencing, monitoring and assessing national, sectorial and local budgets; Increased capacity of national and local media, journalists and bloggers to monitor and assess national and local budgets and promote policy changes and advocate for tax reform regarding revenue generation and public spending in priority public sectors; Increased citizens' and civil society understanding of the current revenue system in OPT; Raised citizens' awareness regarding the importance of paying taxes towards increasing revenue collection; Budget holders and civil servants have technical capacity to create responsive and participatory citizens' Budgets; and 30 municipalities across the West Bank and one Joint Council for Services, Planning and Development-Dura (JCSPD), effectively demonstrate their commitment to social accountability.The project will achieve its’ objectives through strengthening the capacities of ARIJ staff members so they are better able to be involved in and contribute to environmental governance at national and local levels. In addition, dissemination of information, capacity building with local stakeholders and NGO’s and influencing national and subnational policy and legislation will be used to achieving the project’s objectives.