Contracting Party: European Commission
Funding Agency:     EuropeAid
Starting Date:         January, 2014
Ending Date:             December, 2016

The projects overall objective is to contribute to alleviating poverty and improving local services in the distressed localities of Jerusalem through stimulating the role of civil society organizations. Specifically the project aims at: Empowered civil society organizations in the targeted localities that are able to influence local development policies and strategies; Improved solid waste and waste water services in the 6 targeted localities benefiting local residents; and Increased household income for the poorest people in the targeted localities through utilizing environmental sound technology. The project targets 30 civil society organizations proportionally representing each of the 6 targeted localities in the northern east part of Jerusalem. The first part of the project is a capacity building and advocacy approach which will result in enabling the civil society to influence local development policies and strategies. This will be achieved through a variety of activities including trainings, town hall meetings, televised public hearings and other media activities. The second approach of the project involves improving the targeted services through providing wastewater treatment units on a household level in addition to other solid waste solutions on the community level. Through sub granting mechanism, the civil society organizations will also implement initiatives aimed at improving services and alleviating poverty in the 6 targeted localities.