Funding Agency: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Partner:                CARE International
Starting Date:     January 2014
Ending Date:        December 2017

The project’s overall objective is to strengthen the livelihood and security of vulnerable, food insecure and exposed to multiple risks Palestinian communities by building their capacity to adapt to climate variability and longer term of change. The project has three specific objectives: Create innovative, stable, diverse, and sustainable management of natural resources, adaptive farming system, and livelihood improvement for the individual and community level in response to climate change and associated risks; Influence national and regional policies and action plans to ensure the incorporation of successful adaptation methods and risk mitigation mechanisms, with the main focus on food and water security; and Empower local communities to have a voice in decision making processes regarding climate change adaptation and risk mitigation with increased participation for marginalized groups such as women and Bedouins. The project will target 26 rural communities affected by climate change within the five agro-ecological zones in Palestine. The target group includes 26 community based organizations in addition to 1,300 farming household with special attention on marginalized groups. The project will be implemented in three stages. The first stage involves intensive research and improved know-how in creating innovative, stable, diverse, sustainable natural resources management, adaptive farming and livelihood improvement for individuals and communities in response to climate change and related risks. The second stage involves advocating and enhancing existing national and regional policies and action plans on climate change adaptation. The last stage includes increasing the voice of local communities in decision making processes on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction with increased participation of marginalized groups.