Contracting party:          Oxfam
Partner Organizarion:    Amman & Miftah
Starting Date:                   Appril 2016
Ending Date:                     December 2017

The main objective of this project is to increase the budget for essential medications by 3%. This will ultimately lead to more citizens gaining access to greater quality and quantity of a basic right, health, and have their voice heard in a more democratic society. The aim is to build pressure to increase money going to medications; create a dialogue between the PNA and Palestinian citizens; raise awareness around the issue of the shortage of essential medicines; engage young Palestinians in the campaign; and set up government accountability, in the west bank.

The targeted outcomes of our intervention combine the need to strengthen the capacity of local civil society and citizens to reinforce the social contract and influence authorities to channel financial flows in the interest of poor and marginalized citizens of the OPT. This project will help raise 100,000 signatures over the course of 7 months to put pressure on Ministry of Finance so they raise the budget for Ministry of Health.