Contracting party:          Polish Center for International Aid
Funded By:          Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland (MFA)
Starting Date:                   March 2019
Ending Date:                     December 2019

The overall goal of the project is to develop the MAWASEM HUB in becoming a mature, professional, effective and institutionalized model enhancing the contribution of the Palestinian cooperatives in the national economy through improving their Agro-food production to become a recognized product with a valuable social meaning (value) as a certified product and well-presented to the consumers in an attractive presentation (hygienic and safe products well packaged and labeled) with Palestinian taste in a competitive price. MAWASEM Model builds on creating sustainable marketing channels through effective networking with relevant stakeholders (Governmental, social, international and private sector involvement) to the benefit of the cooperative farmers, workers, members and cooperatives as a whole.

The specific objective of the project is obtaining the last certificates, including Bio EU. In addition, creation of a specialized institutional mechanisms and networks to enlarge the capacity and the coverage of created MAWASEM production-standardization-marketing system on a national level (increasing the number of involved NGOs, cooperatives and private sector) and through the creation of additional marketing channels locally ,regional and internationally.