Contracting party:           We Effect
Funded By:                      We Effect + SIDA
Starting Date:                  January  2018
Ending Date:                     December 2018

We Effect has been a solid partner of ARIJ for more than three years. ARIJ and We Effect have been promoting good governance within different types of CBO across Palestine.

This year, We Effect aims to improve equality and spread increasing women resilience through access to land: independently, financially, and resource production to lead in their livelihood, as well as improving women capacities and opportunities to afford a decent work.

ARIJ will target 8 coops and CBOs at least, ensuring a successful model of applying good governance within these coops and CBOs is promoted by providing technical support for coops on applying their GG and to support oversight committees, then to conduct 8 exchange visits to expose participating coops and CBOs to the developed model and to share good practices, pioneer business model and practices.