Contracting party:            European Commission
Partner Organization:     Land Research Center (LRC)
Starting Date:                   January 2017
Ending Date:                      December 2019

This project builds upon the experiences and results obtained from over twenty years of work funded by the EU Partnership for Peace program and its EU predecessor programs (P2P). The previous projects significantly contributed towards promoting global engagement in searching for a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the conditions for a sustainable resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through positive engagement with key stakeholders by raising their awareness of issues obstructing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and advocating for a peaceful and just solution. More specifically, the projects aims to: monitor Israeli activities in the State of Palestine and their subsequent social, economic and environmental impacts; continue providing accurate updates and analysis of the impacts of geopolitical changes on the viability of the Palestinian State such as expansion in existing Israeli settlements, outposts, the segregation wall and geographic discontinuity; and strengthen the Palestinian and Israeli civil society and public sector officials through civil engagement in a sustainable resolution of the conflict, which is based on a better understanding and knowledge of the adverse impacts of the conflict vis-à-vis the Israeli and Palestinian socioeconomic benefits of a peaceful and just solution of the conflict.