Funded Agency:                The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
Contracting Party:          We Effect "The Swedish Cooperative Centre (SCC)"
Implementing Partner: Economic and Social Development Centre of Palestine (ESDC)
Starting Date:                   March-2013
Ending Date:                     February-2015

The objective of the project is improving food security and self-reliance of 473 women headed and poor households and 215 threatened small-scale farming families in Area C and Seam Zone of Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Hebron governorates, in addition to Area C of Jerusalem Governorate and East Jerusalem. The project will achieve its’ objective by increasing the access of 473 women headed and poor households to small-scale agriculture for self-consumption and income through providing households with chicken farms and sheep farms in addition to food security interventions or cash for work opportunities to produce food and/or generate income respectively; restoring the agricultural production of 165 Women and men farmers through rehabilitating agriculture production units (lands, livestock sheds, greenhouses) of small scale farmers; improving the access of 50 women and men farmers have to water resources through increasing water holding capacities of vulnerable famers mainly those affected by the demolitions through providing vulnerable famers/herders (all are men), mainly those affected by the demolitions with mobile tanks, installing small agricultural ponds, and providing necessary inputs for rehabilitating 2 water springs benefiting small scale farmers in area C. Moreover the beneficiaries will be equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to manage efficiently their respective interventions through providing them with training sessions on management of their respective interventions in addition to conducting technical assistance and extension visits to guide all of the beneficiaries on applying skills needed for managing their respective interventions.