Funded Agency:                USAID/OMEP
Contracting Party:           Family Health International (FHI 360)
Implementing Partner:  The Royal Scientific Society (RSS)
Starting Date:                    July-2013
Ending Date:                      January-2014 

The project’s objective is to conduct original research to develop a Decision Support System, a database that will inform decisions on how best to use land and water for agriculture in the Jordan River Valley region: Jericho in the Palestinian side and Al-Shounah Al- Janoubeyeh in the Jordanian one. The database will support the future agricultural plans and strategies. The project will achieve its’ objective through introducing project objectives, activities, indicators and expected outputs to main stakeholders, conducting field survey and developing statistical and spatial information database for the targeted area, creating a simplified crop cultivation – production Decision Support System. The resulting scenarios and recommendations of the study will be disseminated to USAID Officers in Jordan and the West Bank and other stakeholders to improve their own decision systems, especially those of governmental bodies and research institutions.