Funded by:              European Union
Contracting Party:Oxfam GB
Partners:                  Economic and Social Development Center (ESDC)
                                    Bethlehem University’s Fair Trade Development Center (FTDC)
                                    Business Women Forum (BWF)
Starting Date:         February 2012
Ending Date:           January 2015

The project aims to develop the value chain of the olive and olive oil sector so that it works more effectively and sustainably for 10,295 subsistence and small-scale farmers, especially women, in areas of greatest food insecurity in the West Bank. This will be achieved through the following five results which are linked together through their complementary development of different elements of the olive market value chain: Increased agricultural productivity and improved quality of olive oil for subsistence and small-scale olive farmers through affordable, effective and innovative extension services; olive oil cooperatives/producer groups and new regional federations better support and represent farmers’ businesses; women have gained greater benefits from the olive market system and are able to influence decision making; subsistence and small-scale olive farmers have greater access to and better returns from high value markets through improved marketing and linkages across the value chain; and increased capacity of relevant institutions to develop and enforce pro-poor policies and regulations which improve the functioning of the olive market system.