Contracting Party: Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Funding Agency:   United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Starting Date:        March 2014
Ending Date:         July 2014

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the improvement of environmental governance and aide the facilitation of implementing environmental protection (particularly within electronic-waste “e-waste” management) through strengthening the capacities of citizens and civil society actors so they are better able to be involved in and contribute to environmental governance at both levels; local and national. The strategic objectives of the project are: to strengthen the capacity of civil society for engagement and to empower local communities to manage, monitor and participate in environmental management and governance and to strengthen participatory approaches and facilitate public consultations in order to ensure that environmental issues are accounted for within national and local decision making. The environment currently has no firm legislature or policy surrounding it; as a result degradation is happening at an increasing pace. This project intends to address the lack of environmental governance and management that is within Palestine. The project will result in: promoting the principles of environmental governance and management; increasing the capacity of the targeted civil society organizations to advocate for more community participation; equipping targeted community members with the necessary skills to practice participatory governance and local and national level; effective participation and the ability of the public to exercise their rights to participate in environmental decision making process; changing the current decision making structure at national and local level; raising the environmental awareness regarding the E-waste management; and enhancing access and dissemination of the environmental information and knowledge.