Funded by:              European Commission
Partners :                Tubas Municipality
                                             GEomatics REsearch  Diffusion and Innovation Society.(GEREDIS)  
Starting Date:           January 2015
Ending Date:             July 2017

The Project aims to increase energy efficiency, energy savings and renewable sources; and generate a pool of demonstration actions which can be replicated in the region and increased awareness of local populations of sustainable development policies and actions. This will be achieved through developing and installing net-metering photovoltaic systems to promote energy savings and renewable energy requirements, developing innovative WEB Platform as an information system to monitor-control energy consumptions and ensure efficient performance of the photovoltaic systems, and Training and local capacity building of the energy technicians and professionals, IT personal, and employees in addition to community different groups and related stakeholders.

The Project will target the most significant public buildings of Tubas Municipality, these are Municipality Building, Public Information Center, Cafeteria Building – Public Transportation, Dino-meter Building, Youth Center Building, and Storage Building