Funded by: Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI)
Starting Date: October 2007
Ending Date: June 2009

Hebron Village Profile aims to survey, analyze, investigate and document the socio-economic conditions and the needed programs and activities to mitigate the impact of the current insecure political, economic and social conditions in Hebron Governorate with main focus on the agricultural sector. The project surveys the local Palestinian communities according to their geo-agricultural activities & climatologic conditions by studying their needs for development in agriculture, water resources management, green cover and energy resources. The project methodology involves holding workshops to brainstorm the needs for each of the targeted geo-agricultural areas. In addition each community is examined through the completion of a baseline survey to measure the socio-economic conditions, employment, land use/land cover analysis, impact of occupation and needs for human resources and infrastructural development especially in agriculture activities. The major output of the project is a special website containing all developed data to host and present all the prepared profiles and generated information as well as the spatial information and maps.