Funding Agency:           United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 
Partner Organization:  Dan Church Aid (DCA) 
Starting Date:                     July, 2013 
Ending Date:                      June, 2014 

The project aims to improving the living conditions and income generation capacities of marginalized households in Area C by targeting 98 vulnerable households in 5 target areas within Bethlehem and Hebron Governorates by providing them with household-based sustainable renewable energy resources. To achieve its’ objectives solar panel units will be designed and established for 48 households and so providing them with the needed electricity, dairy processing and cooling. Moreover, these households will be provided with 48 butter churns and 48 refrigerators which will result in better quality and more hygienic dairy products. This intervention targets impoverished women deprived of time for engaging in income generating activities. This will improve women’s statuses, providing them more opportunities for income generating activities. Additionally, electricity produced increases the quantity of dairy products stored by the target groups, as it will be used for powering butter churns and for refrigeration. In addition 50 solar spotlights will be distributed to another 50 households in order to provide a better quality of light that lasts for longer hours to enhance their livelihood activities. The provision of a renewable energy source – whether through solar panels or simple spotlights for families in deep poverty can change their lives and potentially provide many income generating and life quality enhancing benefits.