Contracting Party & Funding Agency: United Nations Development Programme- Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP)
Starting Date:  July, 2013
Ending Date:   June, 2014

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the improvement of sanitation and hygienic conditions and to increase availability of fresh water of the marginalized people (mainly women headed household) in Area C through the adoption of locally-made and efficient Small Scale Waste Water Treatments Plants‟ at low-cost, potentially appropriate for urban environment at the household level. The project will target marginalized people (mainly women headed household) in Area C of Bethlehem & Hebron governorates. The project will result in: Enhanced wastewater management, and improved living conditions of households beneficiaries in area C; Availability of freshwater for 50 vulnerable household is increased through using treated wastewater for irrigation as a substitute for high quality drinking water in addition to increased fruit production and self-reliance of beneficiaries; and improved hygienic and environmental conditions and public health (especially women and children) of 50 vulnerable households, and reduced waste-related public health problems and environment risks. The project activities will include the installation of wastewater treatment units and the treatment of the generated wastewater, the installation of drip irrigation networks which will be used to irrigate fruit trees and other suitable crops and training the households on the small scale wastewater treatment plant, the usage of treated wastewater and sanitation and hygienic conditions.