Contracting party:          Siemenpuu Foundation
Partner:                              Bethlehem Municipality
Starting Date:                   July  2017
Ending Date:                     June 2018

In short, the project aims to provide affordable renewable energy source for poor communities in Bethlehem.

The project will install, manage and operate a total of three PC systems with a total capacity of 16 kWp which should be able to save approximately 80% of the households energy needs.

The ownership of all project related assets (PV systems, monitoring system and business model) will be transferred to ARIJ employee owned Credit and Lending cooperative beyond the project funding period and the successful demonstration of the action and business model. This in turn will help ARIJ reduce operational costs and ultimately improve performance.

The net revenue generated by ARIJ and the cooperative from the start of the action and beyond will be reinvested in additional PV system (55%) and in developing partnership and financial vehicles (12%) to scale up the business model and ensure its sustainability.

A third of the revenue will cover the costs of the systems operation and maintenance, and the monitoring and administration.