Contracting party:         We Effect
Funded By:                      Palestinian – Dutch Academic Cooperation on Water
Partners:                          Palestine Technical University-Kadourie / Twente University / TGS for business and development, The Netherlands
Starting Date:                 Febreuary 2018
Ending Date:                    June 2019

A research grant funded by the Palestinian – Dutch Academic Cooperation on Water (PADUCO) with the aim of achieving three objectives by the end of the project period. O1:“Improving the adaptation of green and eco-hydro-agriculture through research and development in urban areas and refugee camps”. O2 “Enhancing the access of vulnerable families in urban areas and refugee camps to demonstrate, cultivate crops and produce through the developed models of wicking bed and hydroponic agro-production systems”. O3 Assessing the socioeconomic, food security and income generating impacts of the introduced new models of eco-hydro-agriculture (hydroponics and wicking beds systems) into urban areas and analyzing the key elements for their economic feasibility, sustainability and scaling up in Palestine.

The ultimate goal is introduce new innovative techniques in the field of urban hydro-agriculture that specifically aiming at improving food security and agro production for poor families in urban and refugee camps in Palestine.