Contracting Party:  The Swedish Cooperative Centre (SCC)
Funded by:               The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
Starting Date:          May 2010
Ending Date:            March 2011

This project aims to protect and improve the livelihood and food security of 342 vulnerable rural women headed families in 11 Separation-Wall-Torn localities in Jerusalem and Ramallah Governorates, including Beit Doqo, Al Jib, Beit Iksa, An Nabi Samuel, Shabtin, Budrus, Ni’lin, Bil’in, Beit Ur al Fauqa, Al Midya, and Beit Nuba. 
The project's activities will include establishing project community committees, rehabilitation of rainwater harvesting systems and home gardens. In addition, it will support vulnerable households with honeybees breeding tools, and provide training programs in the fields of home garden management, food processing, food hygiene, and poultry farm management.  
Up to 10% of the households of the targeted communities will benefit from the project activities in addition to 700 neighboring households through purchasing the surplus of the project’s products and acquiring job opportunities during the implementation of the various project activities.