Contracting Party: European Satellite Services Provider S.A.S (ESSP)

Funding Agency:    European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (HORIZON 2020)

Partner Organizations:

  • European Satellite Services Provider S.A.S. (ESSP} France (Coordinator)
  • GMV Aerospace and Defense S.A.U Spain,
  • MoldATSA, Republic of Moldava
  • Civil Aviation Agency, Montenegro,
  • HungaroControl Hungarian Air Navigation Services Private Limited Company Hungary,
  • NKH -Aviation Authority of the National Transport Authority, Hungary,
  • M-NAV -Air Navigation Service Provider, Republic of Macedonia
  • ENAV SPA (ENAV). Italy
  • Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Kosovo (CAAK), Kosovo
  • Prishtina International Airport-Air Control "Adem Jashari" ,Kosovo
  • INECO- Ingeneria y Economia del Transportes S.A., Spain
  • Turkey Ministry of Transport, Turkey
  • African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology, Morocco,
  • Arab Institute of Navigation, Egypt
  • Helios Technology LTD, United Kingdom,
  • Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
  • BITES – Defense & Aerospace Technologies, Turkey

Starting Date: March 2015
Ending Date:   March 2017

The overall objective of the project is building capacity in the field of multi-modal applications, focused mainly on aviation using European Global Navigation Satellite System (EGNSS) in different Eastern European and Mediterranean countries. More specifically, the project aims to Promote the use of EGNSS outside the EU in neighbouring countries and stimulating investments in EGNSS; Prepare these countries for an optimal adoption of EGNSS and thus contributing to the increase in knowledge of EGNSS outside the EU; Support networking between EU and non-EU players, from industry, institutions, research, academia, higher education and creating a basis for cooperation and business opportunities in EU neighbours; for aviation and other fields.