Contracting party:            Oxfam Novib
Funding Agency:               Dutch Government
Partner Organization :   AMAN and MIFTAH
Starting Date:                    April 2016
Ending Date:                      March 2018

The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of local civil society and citizens to reinforce the social contract and influence authorities to channel financial flows in the interest of poor and marginalized citizens of the oPt.

The project will result in enabling citizens, media, and civil society organizations to have an effective voice in demanding transparency and accountability of budget stakeholders and are capable to formulate relevant pro-poor policy proposals, empower citizens and civil society organizations to have the knowledge, skills and capacities to contribute to shape a just, effective, predictable and effective revenue system in the oPt; and make budget stakeholders more responsive in allocating public resources in a fair way to contribute to support marginalized citizens, in particular women and girls, providing access to basic services (education, health, welfare) and more transparent and accountable.