Contracting party:           The World Food Programme (WFP)
Funded By:                      The World Food Programme (WFP)
Partner Organization:                      Ministry of Social Development
Starting Date:                  July  2019
Ending Date:                     March 2020

This project aims at economic empowerment and building livelihood and resilience of 100 vulnerable families in the West Bank through providing them with assets/inputs and skills resources to start new or improving the existing plant/livestock systems to produce food with better quality.

The project is going to benefit 100 poor families living in 10 to 15 communities (2 to 3 communities per governorate) in the following Governorates: Hebron, Bethlehem, Jericho, and Tubas. The project is going to target poor families suffering from deep poverty and capable to host livelihood development agro-production systems. (Priority will be given for women leaded household, unemployed youth, poor families with handicapped persons). The selection of households will be based on the lists of the registered poor families by the Ministry of Social Development (MOSD) in the selected communities per governorate.