Contracting party:          European Commission
Funded By:          European Union
Partners:          Women Media and Development (TAM), Palestine Child’s Home Club-Youth Development Resource Centre
Starting Date:                   Febeuary 2020
Ending Date:                     March 2023

The overall objective of the project is to empower Palestinian Civil Society Organizations in Southern West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza to enable them to contribute in enhancing a just and fair access to and control over water resources in accordance with international human rights treaties and conventions. This will be achieved through a holistic human rights based-design. More specifically, the action aims to empower Palestinians rights-holders to claim their rights in water and sanitation from Israeli and Palestinian duty-bearers through monitoring, reporting, documenting, utilizing various channels to advocate as rights-holders, and hold duty-bearers accountable towards their rights in water and sanitation. This action is also aware that claiming full rights in water will positively influence other rights as rights to movement, education, health and protection.